Dance improvisation as movement research

Required: Curiosity of body movements, open mind, sense of space in collective work
Profile of the participants: dance students to professional dancers, as well as movement oriented performers
number of participants: maximum 20 people

In this 3 hour class dancers will have the opportunity to search for their individual body expressions in the space.
Many dancers have their own patterns of movements as habits ; in this class we will use improvisational tools to awake one’s own movement possibilities and rise the range of own body languages.
The participants will be guided to start the class with a simple breathing exercise to get perception about their own body which will help to focus on their anatomical perception, as well as on the space and on the other participants. They will then get time to experiment fundamental movements in the space. Then the participants will be guided to experience space in all its different dimensions, and time in all its different dynamics. As it goes along, we will relate to the partner work and simple choreographic ideas will be integrated to it.
The workshop will help providing more pleasure in working alone and will expand the diversity in the improvisation with a single partner or a bigger group.
The tools that Mimi Jeong will use in this workshop are inspired by her experience in german Tanztheater, Korean traditional dance and somatic improvisation.

11838940_10153549098909595_4687955122207657477_oWorkshop for the Quantun Dance Company, Kuala Lumpur 2015
IMG_2996Workshop for the Nyoba Kan Butoh Festival, Kuala Lumpur 2015