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At the age of 6 (1987), started Korean traditional dance and a few years later started ballet and Modern dance in Korea (1987-1999), Budapest (1999-2000), Essen (2000-Jul.2005),
received a Master in Choreography at HZT Berlin (2014-2016).

1996-1999 Pusan Art high school, Modern dance department
Invitation from Hungarian national ballet school
2000-2005 Diplom in Folkwang Hochschule Essen
2014-2016 MA Choreography at HZT Berlin

Selected Professional Dancing Experiences

1990-1995 Korean traditional dance performances in Busan Citizens’ Hall and Busan cultural center

1990 Guest Korean dance performance in Taiwan, Taipei city

2003,2004 Performed in Folkwang University Essen (Samir Akika, Kuo-Chu Wu)

2004 ‘Tannhäuser Bacchanal’ in Essen, Wuppertal (Pina Bausch)

2005 ‘A Choreographic Offering'(Jose Liomon, reconstructed by Libby Nye) ‘Limpieza'(Norbert Steinwarz) in Essen

2006 ‘L’Espace de Ravel’ in Muenster theater (Daniel Goldin)

2006 ‘Conversation’ by Palindrome Dance company, Edinburgh (Robert Wechsler)

2006-2012 member of Tanztheater Bremen (Urs Dietrich, Emanuel Gat, Rami Be’er, Ingun Bjonsgaard, Tero Saarinen, Henrietta Horn, Reinhild Hoffmann)

2010, 2011 joined ‘Swiss International Choreographic workshop’ (Siwic) as a dancer, under direction of Reinhild Hoffmann, Nigel Charnock

2011 performed ‘Solo mit Sofa’ in Academie der Künste Berlin (reconstructed by Reinhild Hoffmann)

2012 danced in a Video project for ‘Sydney Opera House’ in Vivid Festival (Urbanscreen)

2012 performed ‘Solo mit Sofa’ in Staatsoper im Schiller Theater Berlin (reconstructed by Reinhild Hoffmann)

2012 performed ‘Schwerkraft’ by Bodytalk, Cologne (Yoshiko Waki)

2013 performed ‘Zwischen Jetzt’, Bern, Berlin (Anna Huber)

2013 choreography and dance ‘Lauf’, Theater Felina-Areal, Mannheim

2014 ‘Creatures of comfort’ of Steptext dance project, Bremen (Felix Berner)

2014 ‘Solo mit Sofa’ from Ein Tanzfonds Erbe Projekt-Tanzhaus NRW (Reinhild Hoffmann)

2014 choreography and dance ‘Loveaffairs’, Deutsche Oper Berlin (Nina Dudek, Felix Seiler)

2014 ‘Rhapsody River of Wisdom’ The 8th Nyoba Kan Butoh Festival, Kuala Lumpur (Swee Keong Lee)

2015 choreography and dance ‘Duo’ Video installation, Berlin, London (Hana Vojackova)

2015 choreography and dance ‘minimal volume’ Research Project, Uferstudios Berlin

2015 choreography and dance ‘The Coffin Is Too Big For The Hole’ The 8th Nyoba Kan Butoh Festival, Kuala Lumpur

2016 ‘Chapita’ 360° music video, Nexus Productions London (Eran Amir)

2016 ‘Dancing The Dance That Surrounds You’ Premiere in Denmark and Germany (Amalie Jakobsen)

2017 ‘ᄋ ᅵ’, flux Laboratory Geneva (Mimi Jeong)

2017 ‘Vor Ort’, Equilibrio Festival 2017/Germania, Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome (Reinhild Hoffmann)

2017 ‘ᄋ ᅵ’, P-body Festival, LOFFT Theater Leipzig (Mimi Jeong)

2018 ‘ᄋ ᅵ’, Uferstudios Berlin, Entgleist Festival Winterthur (Mimi Jeong)

2018 ‘#herland’ Berlin, Stuttgart (Eva Baumann)