Track 0

Track 0

Choreography for the students of the dance department of Tanssin koulutus Outokumpu Riveria, Finland

premiere: 25 May 2018, Vanha Kaivos old mine of Outokumpu

Colour interaction was the key inspiration of Track 0. We created relations between moving bodies in their characters and different qualities of colours, such as chromaticity, contrasts and emotional links with the dancers. In this process, the dancers experienced colours with a very personal tone and approached it as an input for their interpretation of movement. How is the contrast between variations on a tinted emotion and on a shaded emotion?

Colour interaction has also been explored through the prism of past and present. The dancers’ relations and their own individual history is here interacting in a dialogue with the old mine, which also has a strong history we can reflect to. The dancers explore the specific performing qualities induced by the space they are in.

We invite the audience to experience this performance freely and wish that every person seeing our project will construct its own and very personal track through this site-specific journey.

“We are able to hear a single tone. But we almost never (that is, without special devices) see a single colour unconnected and unrelated to other colours. Colours present themselves in continuous flux, constantly related to changing neighbours and changing conditions.

As a consequence, this proves for the reading of colour what Kandinsky often demanded for the reading of art:
what counts is not the what but how.” – Josef Albers “Interaction of Colour”

duration: about 60min

choreography: Mimi Jeong
choreographic assistant: Maiju Tiuraniemi
training: Maiju Tiuraniemi, Hanna Heino, Arvo Jean-Michael Saarinen

dance & voice:
Lisa Giebel
Linnea Hassila
Hanna Heino
Kira Heinonen
Inka Malmi
Jasu Parviainen
Arvo Jean-Michael Saarinen
Sonja Setälä
Ira Vuolle