Sx-Fi | creation | 2019
thecamp, Aix-en-Provence

Mimi Jeong: Artistic direction, Choreography, Performance, Concept
Zito Tseng: Card game design, Workshop design, Fiction composing, Concept
Audrey Jaillard: Scenography, Wearable costume design, Concept
Hayeon Kim: AR design, Concept

“Sx-Fi” (Sexuality fiction) is an art project that combines contemporary dance, interactive AR, wearable tech and story-telling workshops to challenge the current sexual norm. Engaging the public through installation, performance and workshop, Sx-Fi invite people to re-imagine how sexuality might be like in the future.
More info: Sexuality of the future

artistic mentoring: DooEun Choi
sound composition: Pascal Baltazar
scenographic & dramaturgic supervise: Julien Brun
narration: Stefanie Garises, Amanda Lewis, David Ehrun, Ihab Mokayed
copy editing: Maggie Oran
logo design: Dorota Orlof
website design: Zito Tseng
video documentation & trailer: Francesco Garbo
photography documentation: Zito Tseng
partners: thecamp, HIVE